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keeping sane

I know we are so much more blessed than so much of the world

and yet

there are days

when I wonder

where did we go wrong??

in the midst of whining



the kids seem at times almost to HATE each other

then the next day they play together all day.

no medium if they

aren’t arguing with each other

they are most surely  plotting against the parents!

but right now they are playing on games they got for christmas(settlers of catan)

and are leaving me alone…with my coffee and paper.

I relish the alone time

and yet I know

all too soon

it really will be

all the time.

and I’ll miss their “mom he hit me’s”


“mom she’s saying lies again”

so I guess I’ll try to appreciated right where I am

in the middle



Lethargic thoughts

Of insignificance and

Notably meaningless phrases

Enter effortlessly into a mind

Lacerating the sanity that used to be while

Yeastily growing into a mass of unwanted dough.



Enters the world

Providing little

Relief from the light of day

Evoking a

Slew of



Obliviating the obvious

Nuances  of wakening


All around like a

Needless reminder

Xeroxed too many times

Into a meaningless bag of

Energy writhing endlessly,


Yielding… never.

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