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Books you must read

The Art of Racing in the Rain(there is a youth addition{Racing in the Rain} of this one so you read the adult one and then discuss with your child)

by Garth Stein

Garth Stein has his own website(as does half the world these days..but if you want to know more check it out) His website has a guide for readers if you want to use the book in a book club.

No Spoilers here

Enzo is the Dog, and he is reflecting on his life with his owner. Again the two versions are slightly different in that the youth version changes the story somewhat to make it more appropriate for youth. My niece said it “made her cry”  and  “It’s the best book I ever read”


The Shack by William P. Young

This book is too intense for 1-8 grade in my opinion so use discretion and read first before letting a child read it.

But it is theology like you’ve never imagined it before

In the midst of tragedy (no spoilers here) God Presents himself to a man

in different forms(think Holy Trinity) but in ways that will touch your heart and your mind.

and by the end of the book the man undergoes a transformation of heart and soul that will rock your world.


keep reading….more to come

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