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On April Fools Day

I woke up this morning

unsure what I’d find

I have 3 kids

with quirky minds

I turned on the lights

and what was found

the living room furniture

was all turned around

the pictures

I’d carefully

placed on the walls

were now upside down

well…almost all

the specialty paper

in the bathroom was gone


I didn’t turn the shower on

for low and behold

what did I find

on a towel in the tub

the paper for behinds

I love my children

each and every day

but to them it’s a month

not just a day

and so I sigh

and try not to fray

as I patiently wait

for the start of MAY !


Lethargic thoughts

Of insignificance and

Notably meaningless phrases

Enter effortlessly into a mind

Lacerating the sanity that used to be while

Yeastily growing into a mass of unwanted dough.



Enters the world

Providing little

Relief from the light of day

Evoking a

Slew of



Obliviating the obvious

Nuances  of wakening


All around like a

Needless reminder

Xeroxed too many times

Into a meaningless bag of

Energy writhing endlessly,


Yielding… never.

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