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The Republic

The Republic

(let us make it better for your kids and mine)


“I pledge allegiance”, that’s what we had been taught to say, in an assimilation of beliefs that tore us from one regime into another.

Slowly over many years despite or perhaps because of our urge for manifest destiny we slowly went from protecting freedom to taking it away.  We have gone from  guaranteeing rights…

real rights, like making a living wage, practicing the religion we choose, and having safe affordable food among many others…to making sure everyone must  bow to their employer, unquestioning removal of benefits for fear of losing their job, working insane hours in hopes that one day they may afford to retire, to  a future that is full of bills, taxes, and paying for politicians that no longer do what they said they’d do.…That perhaps is what lead to our downfall.

“To the Flag” we’d yell as we played tag on the playgrounds, now, most of those playgrounds stand empty,

in deference to making sure everyone is getting the same education and testing.  We as a nation have forgotten that what makes our nation great is the diversity among us.  That no amount of mathematical testing is going to create better artists, musicians, athletes, …and no amount of “measuring up” linguistically is going to help the child who was a born electrician or plumber.

“Of the United States of America”?  The States of America have never been united except for their desire to be free of England.  The States have disagreed on Slavery , Politics, Religion, Economics, Class systems, and any other hot topic under the sun.  Many

“And to the Republic? For which it stands,”  The republic….an unnatural ideal that was created for unity but in reality causes divisions.  As a humanity of these states of America, too often we allow government to make decisions without giving a second thought.   Decisions that are based on thousand page books of rhetoric  in an attempt to explain the latest law while working to deceive anyone who does not fully understand the implications of the law being made.

“One Nation”?, certainly in name but we don’t move, and act as one.  As a nation we are individuals floundering in an unfriendly sea, caught between trying to do and say the right thing and judging others for not.

“Under  God” we walk, this very creation, the world is God’s, and yet with every step we mismanage, and mistreat so much of God’s creation.  Insensitive, uncaring souls  living under the pretense of their religion so often do their best to exclude anyone who is not part of their class, their political party, their “group”

“Indivisible” we stand in an attempt to show solidarity, we come to the voting polls well…at least 27 % or so of us do.  We vote on single issues rather than making the well-being of society as a whole a priority.  The politicians we “vote” for are handed to us on a platter and eat them up, I like turkey you like steak and she prefers salad.  We are pummeled with misleading ads and information meant to divide us, meant to stir us up….Indivisible…NO! we are already divided.

“With Liberty and Justice for all”, sure if you have a job, and a home, and food to eat and clean clothes to wear.  If you believe what “I” believe, then you deserve Liberty, and then you deserve justice.  If you don’t  I’ll turn my back.  That is what this “great” nation has become.


If you really believe what you say while you pledge allegiance then  you should be doing something different to change the world to make the pledge factually accurate to make it real.



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