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the more you know?? …what we really need…

I’ve been seeing a lot of “the more you know” commercials starring various NBC stars….

promoting the encouragement of people becoming teachers…..

and that’s great we need more teachers….

but what we need more than that
are politicians(and people) who
-support the teaching profession
that means:
-stop making our teachers teach towards the tests….
-stop cutting budgets for music, and arts
-stop cutting budgets for teachers in general

-stop demanding 100% success….not all students learn at the same rate…not all students are ready to move on…yet you continue to insist they do.

-supporting our schools
-supporting our teachers
-realizing the value of “great teachers”
-defending the right of our teachers to teach

so yes….we need new teachers

but more than that we
the public to be in support of their local schools/teachers

the more you know?

What if…

To Stay at home a little longer or go back to work???

It is a question that is difficult to answer for all moms I am sure,


for one with little ones at home

the answer for me was…stay at home and work on weekends playing organ


the children are older

and at school

so the issue is:

When one or more of your children has a chronic illness, should you go back to work?

…the self questioning starts even before the interview is offered…

He’s gonna be sick?

what if she’s sick a lot?

who will pick up the child who calls home sick?

what if I can’t get away?

what if my husband can’t get away?

what if we can’t reach anyone by phone?

what if the every single person we know and trust is out of state???

what if

what if

what if

three kids

three different schools(this year)

new germs

new illnesses

how do working parents do this?????

I know if the job is meant for me

we’ll work it out.

we will address issues as they arise

 but still

having been “stay at home”

for so long

I can’t help but wonder

what if?

The Reality and sadness of raising a family in the “2,000’s”

I recently felt the need to escape the house for a few hours…alone…

yes I’m married, mostly stay at home mom(though that phrase is a bit of an oxymoron as in this day few SAHM’s are home much)

yes I’ve never been a single parent, and I don’t pretend to know the struggles they have


as a MOM one of many moms I think (even a dad) could appreciate the need to get away once in awhile

so that is the reality

the sadness came when I told the person I ran into(social gathering) when she asked

that the kids were with their dad(and then I clarified by saying my husband….well…technically he’s both)

that is a happy good thing, that

-the kids live with both their biological parents

-the parents are married

but the clarification

that not only is the man I live with my husband, but is also my children’s dad

is what saddened me

that I know so many children and families that are in or are affected by broken homes

it saddens me that the reality of the day is

that I cannot trust my words to be misinterpreted

I cannot assume that if I say the kids are with my husband, someone won’t wonder if that person is also their dad


If I say the kids are with their dad , I cannot guarantee the person won’t think I’m separated or divorced

to me

that is sad

very sad

that small statement reflects so fully on the reality so many MOMS, DADS, CHILDREN, and  FAMILIES

are dealing with

I offer up prayers for all families, “broken” or “whole”,

I offer up prayers of understanding, for those who need to try harder

I offer up prayers of love, for all those who don’t feel loved

I offer up prayers of peace for all those who are worrying or struggling

I offer up prayers of forgiveness for those who need to give and receive it

I offer up prayers of a happier world, where we can look past differences, and see the love that exists in other’s beyond their vices.


Decisions Decisions….

Decisions Decisions

Lately decisions have centered on food

whats for supper

whats for lunch

whats for breakfast

whats for brunch.

With school around the corner

we need to start thinking about what they’ll be taking for lunch

they make their own….as I got sick of their complaining early last year.

but still they want to know what they can take


I broke the bad news.

they can make a sandwich or take left overs

no more cold chicken patties, or baggies of pepperoni

so he’s been sampling left overs cold(he is very fussy )

a meat and potatoes kind of kid

but really

we are in a rut

the same 4 or 5 dishes seem to rotate weekly


I AM So Bored


the clincher is

I try to cook so food is safe for the whole family

(remember two have food allergies, between them they are allergic to Eggs, Dairy, Peanuts, and tree nuts)

I’ve been cooking this way for 11 years now.

I need new ideas.


Comment with your ideas

keeping in mind the allergies


and the middle child…is a deconstructionist he hates his foods to touch!

my boring menu thanks you.

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