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Parenting without Panic…..yeah….right….well…maybeeee….

I just finished reading about halfway through the book

Parenting without Panic,(a pocket support group for parents of children and teens on the Autism Spectrum)

by Brenda Dater

We’ve often wondered if our oldest is somewhere on that spectrum

but that aside

as I read this book

I realized that there is great advice in here

not just for parents of Aspergers/Autism Spectrum kids

but for all parents.

If we can figure out what makes our kids tick(some days I feel like I’m close….other days I feel like I’m lost in a spiral of trying to” figure out”)

We can then adjust our responses and reactions to the behaviors in our children.

In some ways I found the book annoying….like….gee….how am I going to come up with those catchy phrases in the middle of dealing with a disagreeable child

but I think its about mental practice

thinking to yourself….”this is what I”ll do the next time this situation pops up”

Her “key tips for interpreting your child’s behavior is not just for “spectrum” kids/teens but really all of us(parents/caregivers)

she says:

-Consider the context

-Acknowledge developmental delays

-Acknowledge and recognize strengths

-Check your assumptions

-Apologize when you overreact

-Manage your own emotions

-Acknowledge effort

more about Brenda Dater the author

her facebook

If you are a parent consider reading this book! nah…don’t just consider it….do it….it’s an easy read…take from it what you need….you won’t be disappointed!

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One thought on “Parenting without Panic…..yeah….right….well…maybeeee….

  1. Reblogged this on Book Reviews and commented:

    great book for anyone dealing with children/teens/adults on the autism spectrum

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