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ma, ma, ma, mooommmmmmmm???whaaaaaaaat?


sorry but these days of freezing cold and indoor recesses are driving me nuts!

I mean what do they do in Alaska where its always below zero??

perhaps our playgrounds should come equipped with igloos!

I love my kids

they are smart, witty lovable kids

mostly all the time


My daughter is especially good at turning out the tears…then if you tell her to look you in the eye …if was a fake cry she’ll start giggling….but at her age….its getting old!

whether its one of her brothers turns to pick out the movie or supper, or which chore she gets for the month….or whatever the tears come a fallin even if she’s made the decisions 3 or 4 times previously

being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love and hate…and LOVE

this post is not redeeming any time but hopefully some of the these clips will make you smile…and probably laugh…and laughing is good for stress 🙂

its amazing the things you’ll find on youtube…gotta show this to my kids:


and for my fellow moms!:


and to end….spouses, kids…appreciate your moms and wives

adios till next time folks

ok I yelled

the other day the annoyances were too much.

What’s for supper??(as soon as breakfast was done)

I don’t like that…

Wha’ts for supper??(as they are packing their lunches)

any thing else??

What’s for supper??(as soon as they walk in the door from school)

whats for supper??(you asked three times already and  the answer hasn’t changed just because you don’t like the answer)

making supper can be a drag

and when you finally have put together a meal that is safe for everyone….whines of” I don’t want that” get tiring…awfully quick.


so…I yelled

sick of being


sick of people whining they’d rather have something else

sick of the food allergies

can I have one day…just one day when everyone can have anything.

one day when I don’t have to read labels 5 times

one day when I don’t have to worry that the redness on my child’s face is the start of a reaction

so ok I yelled

and they

they covered their ears and asked if I was finished.


and in a few minutes I was

we sat down to eat

and they ate

and I ate

and one more meal

under the belt

where all walked away

without an allergic reaction…

then off to bed and the day starts again in the morning.

I don’t need to be told I’m blessed, blessed to have a roof over my head

blessed to have food to put on the table

blessed that we have knowledgeable doctors to help us through the food allergies and other allergic conditions that arise

and with that in mind

tomorrow…I will try to not yell


when they ask….

What’s for dinner???


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