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My Child with High Functioning Autism/Aspergers




the older he gets

the bigger his feet get

it is loud

it is constant

he walks so fast I have to put on a sweater if I’m typing at the computer


this morning

1 am this morning

I wake up to hear him pacing around a card table in his room

full of energy

looking like he is no where near ready for bed

(doesn’t help that the teenager doesn’t wake up till noon)

so I’m left with a dilemma

his pacing does not hurt himself or anyone else

until it’s waking me up at night

it does drive me craze sometimes

he says it helps him think

plan his next coding or composing project(of which he does a lot and he is very good)



I just can’t stand it for another minute

I don’t understand what it does for him


quite frankly after conversations, short of saying it helps him think…neither does he.

he is just driven to walk, to pace, sometimes we have fun with it

I’ll sit a the piano and play something to the beat he is walking then he’ll stop suddenly and usually I catch him and stop playing

sometimes I’ll follow him around the table.

then he smiles even though it annoys him

that is all

thank you for letting me vent.


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