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the more you know?? …what we really need…

I’ve been seeing a lot of “the more you know” commercials starring various NBC stars….

promoting the encouragement of people becoming teachers…..

and that’s great we need more teachers….

but what we need more than that
are politicians(and people) who
-support the teaching profession
that means:
-stop making our teachers teach towards the tests….
-stop cutting budgets for music, and arts
-stop cutting budgets for teachers in general

-stop demanding 100% success….not all students learn at the same rate…not all students are ready to move on…yet you continue to insist they do.

-supporting our schools
-supporting our teachers
-realizing the value of “great teachers”
-defending the right of our teachers to teach

so yes….we need new teachers

but more than that we
the public to be in support of their local schools/teachers

the more you know?

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