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Carpal tunnel and garlic chicken…

Seriously that’s the best title I could come up with

over the last month I have had 2 separate surgeries one on one hand one on the other  for carpal tunnel

both done laproscopic  (2 weeks apart)  and are healing nicely…

but still quite sore at times despite outward appearances looking pretty good.

So I’ve not been blogging at all the last month too tired ….too sore for typing….and too busy some days to turn the computer on….

its amazing how many dishes and how much laundry can pile up with mom being out of commission just a few days!


(ok the above piles are not mine…but you get the idea)

so I needed to find something to make that would not take a bunch of dishes


would leave us with leftovers for hopefully as long as possible

so I dove into Pinterest 

(if you haven’t seen Pinterest  you must as long as you don’t mind getting lost in lots of cool ideas you’ll probably never have time to make!)

and this is what I came up with

slow cooker Brown sugar and Garlic chicken from Providence Design



and also free of most other allergens as well( as long as you use a wheat free soy sauce alternative)


now to be fair I followed their recipe pretty close except

I did it in a roasting pan in the oven

I used 9 boneless skinless chicken breasts

and I did not use hot pepper flakes(we’re not that into spicy)

other than that followed to a T and everyone…even the fussy eaters LOVED IT!

it is definitely going to be a make again.!

and here is how mine turned out:

the shredded chicken(after baking for several hours at 300 degrees)

the sauce after  cooking with a little cornstarch(the specks are the minced garlic…I cheated and used the canned stuff from the grocery store)

final product, the sauced shredded chicken mixed together

we served on hard rolls


I believe it would go equally well with a side of rice or pasta.

on the side we had baked beans

(bushes bourbon and brown sugar variety)



(it was ruby red and juicy and full of sugary goodness)

its a good thing they liked the meal….it’s what they’ll be eating the rest of the week!

Mental Stimulation…sorry laundry and dishes don’t do it for me

I’m a mostly stay at home mom



sort of

except now I also sub in a nearby school washing dishes

and several weekends a month I work as a church musician.

but the last 14 years

I’ve essentially been a SAHM

and I might add

not always a very good one

I love cooking

hate doing dishes

Don’t mind throwing a load in the washer and dryer but really don’t like folding.

Occasionally Over the years I’ve taken painting classes.

and learned I actually have some talent(not a  lot…but enough that was challenging at least for a while

some more of my paintings not perfection but enough to provide mental stimulation

then I tried crochet(this is a broomstick crochet shawl

and quilling

but what is finally bringing me to feeling like I’m using my brain is a that I decided to take a class….

no not on baking, or crocheting,

not even a book club

I’m taking a class

from the harvard divinity school through ed x which is an online MOOC

the class was titled Early Christianity:The Letters of Paul

taught by Dr. Laura Nasrallah and her teaching team of doctoral students.

and as my BA was in comparative study of worlds religions this class was perfect( a little more into history than I was used to …but I was able to be in discussion with a like-minded academic focused population….and….it was free!

this is what had been missing…yes I’d go out to a morning coffee group occasionally but that discussion revolved around the kids

this was different is different it stimulates your brain and you reach

become human

more than a diaper changer, dish washer (not that there is something wrong with those) I needed more

I will definitely be seeking out more classes online or otherwise to continue to challenge my thinking and brainwaves

and I strongly encourage anyone who is a mom or dad for that matter to always work at improving yourself…intellectually…

IN taking care of yourself and your needs you are more able to see to the needs of others.

that is all

have a great day

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