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Whats for supper mom?(asked at breakfast time of course)

@~@(thats me rolling my eyes)

this conversation plays out daily, in my house and I’m thinking many others around the country.

I for one refuse to let food allergies force me into the roll of


So in our house I try to only make foods that are safe for everyone.

That means our lasagna has no cheese(sorry don’t like soy cheese) but we serve cheese on the side for those who want to add it.

My banana nut bread does not have nuts, instead I’ll add unsalted shelled Really Naked 6oz Frontpumpkin seeds or a crunchy cereal.

We don’t have eggs and bacon for breakfast….but we do have bacon with pancakes, or waffles sometimes


We don’t have macaroni salad with miracle whip, we use


veganaise(we like the pesto variety and the roasted garlic varieties as nice alternatives to their plain)

When I make a roux I don’t use butter…I use light olive oil and instead of milk I use chicken stock (heated) to add and make sauce to the consistency I need.

If I do decide to make mac and cheese I’ll make a huge pot of Pasta and remove several servings before adding the cheese sauce.

If food allergies in your family have turned you into a short order cook….you are working too hard!

relax,  cook once, cook for all,free good food wallpaper for mobile

Food allergies (no its not that they just don’t like the food!)

food allergies and food intolerance’s are two different beasts

and intolerance may make you miserable


food allergy can kill you


It started simply enough….

decide to have a baby

get lucky enough to get pregnant


you  notice blood in their diaper

then head to toe itchy rashes that local doctors are not able to control

the baby rubs his heals so much on the sheets the sheets have streaks of blood on them in the morning

their scalp is covered with dermatitis and that too is itched bloody while they sleep.

you try to nurse, adjust your diet stop eating dairy, eggs, and nuts, but the blood in the diapers continues

so its off to a childrens hospital where your child is finally diagnosed with allerigies

not one but 3 Dairy, Eggs, and nuts(all nuts, peanuts and tree nuts)

it is daunting learning to read labels

it is daunting changing how you cook

my middle child as an infant could only tolerate neocate

at close to 35 dollars a canister that would get us through just over two days it was all he ate.

we did try other foods, sweet potatoes worked, many others he had skin reactions to so we were only doing a tsp. or so of new food a week

and finally after appeals, and letters from doctors insurance covered some of what they were trying to not cover

they said it was a supplement(not when its all they eat we said!)

not long after my middle child was diagnosed his older brother had a reaction while eating a cookie and was subsequently diagnosed with food allergies as well, eggs and all nuts(and several years ago was diagnosed with esosinophilic esophagitus…but thats for another post)

the website that we have found the most helpful

is FAAN, the food allergy and anaphylaxis network

the best thing about it is you can get either download or order

sheets that clearly state the foods to look for when reading a label  for various food allergens

although reading labels has become easier over the years…they are now heading into middle and high school(and the worries change)

companies sometimes change formulas so its best to scan through the ingredient labels every time you purchase a product

and from the time your child can read teach them (not in a fearful way) but teach them to read labels have some foods that are not safe and teach them what to look for.

When you can, when necessary …educate others about the food allergies

food allergies and food intolerance’s are two different beasts

and intolerance may make you miserable


food allergy can kill you

more another day on the experiments I’ve done, the food substitutes we love and some that failed. as well as sources for recipes we like, and products we enjoy.

thankfully the kids can still have gluten/wheat cause thats a whole nother beast.


the thing is it becomes part of your life, much like how a diabetic watches their blood sugar

yes the first years were stressful but you buck up and deal

and you find ways to make your kids own their allergies and realize life goes on and not to dwell (more on how to keep sane later) 🙂

who what when where why???


I’m a mom to 3 kids(we always call them kids right?)


What(you’ll find in this blog)

thoughts on motherhood/parenthood/spousehood

information on dealing with food allergies…my way

Where?  right here on this blog!

Why? because if what I’ve learned benefits even just one person …that makes life worthwhile!


Be Watching for my posts in the coming weeks






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