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To Cook a Roast….or two

We have busy weeks coming up

one in a play

one in dance

the other liking to stay late after school

busy doesn’t fully cut it…

oh yeah and then there’s the dog

and I work sporadically as a sub in a school dishroom now so on weeks when I’m needed a lot

a lot doesn’t get done at home

so on the weekend

I grabbed my coupons


ran (well took the van)

to the grocery store

Got the necessities to get us through the week and then debated about what to make for supper that will last most of the week

So I decided to do pulled pork and pulled beef

two pans(though you could use a slow cooker) I used dutch ovens in the oven

Easy peasy recipes

for the pork:

1 pork roast

1 pkg of dry italian seasoning(we use one without dairy in)

balsamic vineagar

spray your pan with oil

sprinkle the roast with the seasoning and vinegar

cover pan with foil or lid

bake at 300 untill it falls apart when you push a fork into it.

if you want you can add a can of pickled pepper rings(not jalopenos)

then serve on rolls

with baked beans on the side

and anything else you enjoy!

For the Beef Roast(we like spoon roast)

I sprayed oil in the roasting pan

put the roast in

sprinkled with

garlic powder

onion powder

lawrys sesasoned pepper mix

Seasoned Pepper

then poured about 1 cup of brandy into the pan(brandy and beef can’t be beat!)

then take a knife and stab the roast over and over through the fat layer

cover the pan with foil or lid

then bake at 300 till it falls apart!

serve with rolls

the left over baked beans

and anything else you enjoy!

two meals/ one use of oven!

And if I’m lucky we’ll have left overs till Thursday!

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