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Fears of daily living


it’s a fact

life is full of things that can


do happen

you know:

“Why do bad things happen to good people”

no…autism/aspergers is not bad but it is  a huge change

a change in how you think about actions and reactions

an everyday, uphill battle at times not just for the one diagnosed but for the whole family

I digress….

When bad things happen to good people

 you buck up

you learn to deal

Image result for learn to deal with aspergers

and you go on with the daily task at hand


but once that diagnosis comes through the door

on top of multiple other medical problems and issues for that child.

and you need to start researching

and then doing

and following through

and constant checking and rechecking

there is an unending indescribable level of anxiety

am I doing enough

am I teaching enough

Image result for constant anxiety

will my actions lead to my child being able to live on his own???

only time will tell.

until then…

Image result for carry on quotes

carry on.

PAPER PLATES: yes please!

So we are heading into that time of the year

when activities pile up

time available shrinks

and the house rather than spring cleaning becomes

spring piles(piles of clothes that need to be washed, and dishes that need to be cleaned)

to make life easier…once a week(when we are really busy)

we use paper plates.

argh…I said it….paper plates…the environmentalist in me is shrieking in horror

the mom in me

sighing a deep sigh of relief!

no matter how hard I plan

with two growing boys

leftovers are not what they used to be

there aren’t as many

and they

don’t last as long as they used to .

So end up cooking more, and doing more dishes…

how else do I stay sane?

Tyson Chicken nuggets.(or patties, or strips)

one meal a week during busy weeks its fast they can pop it in the microwave themselves!

and….its safe for them!(well…relatively) it contains nothing they are Allergic to YAY!

fresh veggies  washed and cut in massive amounts at the beginning of the week usually last Sunday through Thursday

pasta made in a big batch maybe gets us 3 days tops so if you don’t put anything on it

one kid that hates sauce can eat it plain

the other can top with pizza/spaghetti sauce and with the nuggets have a meal!

its not always fancy

its not always pretty

but we try to always eat one meal a day together(when possible)

and if paper plates and chicken nuggets calm the time constraints….so be it!


Let it Be….no really….Let it be!

We only have a limited number of moments to share with our children.

they drive us nuts

they can be contrary, argumentative,

and on good days

they can be loving, kind, considerate.

But we as parents push them away

we need to work

we are tired

we do dishes, laundry, vacuming

Let it be.

We bring work home…

Let it be

one more meeting

Let it be

one more phone call

let it be

one more commitment

Let it be

our children are not stagnant but ever growing

make time for them now

and perhaps


will make time for you in the future.

Let it be.

Redeeming the Time:What time?????

What time exactly…I”m so busy.

But recently I’ve been hearing a clip on christian radio that speaks of redeeming the time.

In order to redeem the time we need to sit down and evaluate our lives.

We need to evaluate the choices we make.

We need to evaluate the “necessities” vs the “desires”

and we need to look through all our decisions through the glasses of:

is what I’m doing pushing me closer to or taking me further from God?

I can’t take credit for these ideas…I think its something we all need to consider and if you want more information please check out the following link:

Redeeming the Time

Then as you explore their site

make sure you check out the link on

101 Questions to Sharpen your Focus and Multiply your Effectiveness

Then…decide that from this point forward all your life will be focused on

-making Godly decisions, in regards to your time, talent and treasure.

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