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To Cook a Roast….or two

We have busy weeks coming up

one in a play

one in dance

the other liking to stay late after school

busy doesn’t fully cut it…

oh yeah and then there’s the dog

and I work sporadically as a sub in a school dishroom now so on weeks when I’m needed a lot

a lot doesn’t get done at home

so on the weekend

I grabbed my coupons


ran (well took the van)

to the grocery store

Got the necessities to get us through the week and then debated about what to make for supper that will last most of the week

So I decided to do pulled pork and pulled beef

two pans(though you could use a slow cooker) I used dutch ovens in the oven

Easy peasy recipes

for the pork:

1 pork roast

1 pkg of dry italian seasoning(we use one without dairy in)

balsamic vineagar

spray your pan with oil

sprinkle the roast with the seasoning and vinegar

cover pan with foil or lid

bake at 300 untill it falls apart when you push a fork into it.

if you want you can add a can of pickled pepper rings(not jalopenos)

then serve on rolls

with baked beans on the side

and anything else you enjoy!

For the Beef Roast(we like spoon roast)

I sprayed oil in the roasting pan

put the roast in

sprinkled with

garlic powder

onion powder

lawrys sesasoned pepper mix

Seasoned Pepper

then poured about 1 cup of brandy into the pan(brandy and beef can’t be beat!)

then take a knife and stab the roast over and over through the fat layer

cover the pan with foil or lid

then bake at 300 till it falls apart!

serve with rolls

the left over baked beans

and anything else you enjoy!

two meals/ one use of oven!

And if I’m lucky we’ll have left overs till Thursday!

Yesterday…I made a roast…and tapioca pudding and…oatmeal cookie bars….whew

I make beef roast a alot…like once a week

its one of the few meals that gets us more than one day.

We prefer the spoon roast, but I’ve also purchased chuck roast as well

Want to know more about cuts of beef?

Now when I was growing up making a roast meant filling the pan with cubed potatoes, carrots, celery , onions, and some salt and pepper. It was scrumtious.

Then the roast after cooking would be carved….some cut off and saved for soup, or pot pie, or stew,

and the rest served for supper.

But…my kids aren’t crazy about cooked veggies, and a roast doesn’t last as long as it used to. I have one meat crazy boy who just can’t stop.

So…whether it is beef tips or beef roast here is what I do.

First I often (though not always…depends on time constraints) seer it quickly in a hot pan with olive oil to give some color.

Then I put into a greased (spray oiled) pan and top with salt pepper, a few onions and then a cup or so of brandy.(brandy and beef can’t be beat!)

and then bake till it falls apart!either slowly at 275 or a little faster at 350 (or if you have a slow cooker you could do it that way.

Well….yesterday I cheated…I sprayed the pan with olive oil, put the roast in fat side up(nooo don’t take all the fat off…it adds so much flavor as it melts into the meat besides you don’t eat it every day right?)


I had some store bought onion soup mix(store brand even) and it was safe(well…no allergens for my kids) for my family.

I dumped it on the roast, added 1 cup of brandy and 1 cup of water to the pan, put the cover on the roaster and let it cook at 350 for about 3 hours.

and…it falls apart, and tastes yum….

so into the fridge and

then for supper I”ll make pasta or potatos, and a veggie(or fresh veggies) maybe a jello or fruit salad, and

none of it will last as many meals as it used to.


now if I had used the slow cooker that would be it.

but since I had the oven at 350 for almost 4 hours I figured I better be a good steward of the energy(gas) we are using and make some other stuff too, {maybe a pingback to my post on redeeming the time would make sense here}

So into the oven went 3 sweet potatoes(washed and with a slice in the top of each to allow for steam to escape(placed on top of a parchment paper covered pan)

and since we were having left overs for supper last night(the roast was for the next day) I then found the left over rolls we had put them on a pan and brushed them with olive oil(that I had mixed with onion powder and garlic powder) go figure no one wants to eat the potato rolls before but put the oil on and they disappear before I get one!

and finally…despite getting our girl scout cookies the other day I decided(since I had some oats in the cupboard) to make oatmeal raisin cookie bars(one kid hates raisins…and said she won’t eat it…oh well…more for me 😉    )

(By the way I made the recipe on the oats container and I substituted soy sour cream for eggs, 1/4 cup per egg called for and I used fleischmanns  no salt margarine as it is dairy free and what I had on hand)

oh and while that was all cooking I made tapioca pudding…..


I add 1 tbsp corn starch to the mixture then add vanilla soy milk let sit 6 minutes then bring to boil, turn off and  add the vanilla(I also add a little fake almond extract) put into a container cover with plastic wrap

and done.

whewwwwwwwww…..done cooking….at least till next time.

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