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1st Day of School….new schools new challenges

My oldest will be in highschool this year

Before now



a teacher

was responsible for making sure

Epi Pens

and Inhalers were with him


and they were kept in the school office

not this year

this year

they are with him.

when he remembers to grab them

I sigh

I worry

I lecture

I throw the epipen trainer at him


I scream

“emergency emergency

your throat is closing up

you didn’t realize something you ate had nuts in it

quick quick what do you do?”

and then he groans or yells back depending on his mood

and demonstrates his skills for me

ending with…


and saying…

call 911

I anguish

Have I prepared him well enough?

he’s been reading food labels for several years now

Have I remembered to tell him everything he needs to think of?

I know, I know

Let go and let God.

but I’m mom

and if anything ever happened to him because of something I failed to prepare him for…

please pray…

for both of us

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