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A 5 is against the Law

I just started reading this workbook

and have not yet worked with my son with it

While this workbook may not change your life

it could help change the life of a child you know

that is struggling to behave appropriately in the world around

I do not know enough yet to delve into the inner workings of how to use the scale of 1-5

it can be used to reflect on  behaviors


also used to refer to how ones inner feeling are(think anxiety, fear, agitation, etc)

even for someone not on the “spectrum” it is good to self evaluate and know and acknowledge  what/how you are feeling

there is a website

the autism program

that can help get you started

but I strongly recommend getting the book yourself.

the autism program also has a great resource page 

and the autism society of Wisconsin also has some great information, and if you are in Wisconsin you can visit a local chapter for support and information.

you can find more at Kari’s website 5 is against the law


back to reading

the best way to advocate

is to educate

spring break??

Well now its raining and we are just over halfway through spring break

and its maybe going to hit 40 but with the windchill it will probably top out around a feels like 35

its the end of march folks

so whats a mom to do

the kids are getting cranky

chores are waiting to be done

they argue in the hallway

they start before the rising sun

they argue by the bathroom  door

as day comes to a close

I bet if I gave them work to do

to be friends again they’d choose!

Put up with your crabby butt? Hmmm NO. - Put up with your crabby butt? Hmmm NO.  Misc

ma, ma, ma, mooommmmmmmm???whaaaaaaaat?


sorry but these days of freezing cold and indoor recesses are driving me nuts!

I mean what do they do in Alaska where its always below zero??

perhaps our playgrounds should come equipped with igloos!

I love my kids

they are smart, witty lovable kids

mostly all the time


My daughter is especially good at turning out the tears…then if you tell her to look you in the eye …if was a fake cry she’ll start giggling….but at her age….its getting old!

whether its one of her brothers turns to pick out the movie or supper, or which chore she gets for the month….or whatever the tears come a fallin even if she’s made the decisions 3 or 4 times previously

being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love and hate…and LOVE

this post is not redeeming any time but hopefully some of the these clips will make you smile…and probably laugh…and laughing is good for stress 🙂

its amazing the things you’ll find on youtube…gotta show this to my kids:


and for my fellow moms!:


and to end….spouses, kids…appreciate your moms and wives

adios till next time folks

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