Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

summer summer summertime

It doesn’t seem to matter the age of the kid

from the second day of school they are looking forward to summer break

and then summer break comes

and they after a couple days

are bored

As parents we have choices

some schedule every second of their child’s life

giving them “choices” of this sport or that class

but in doing that they neglect the need of the child for downtime

for creative play

homemade obstacle courses

just sitting and reading a book or magazine

even perhaps a little extra screen time

So many over book their kids all year long

feeling it is the right thing to do

and in doing that

they forget to schedule in quality time for interaction with their parents, and friends, and just being kids

As adults we are so over scheduled


let your kids be kids

while they still can

soon enough

they will grow up and

have full enough schedules

let them live

in the moment

learn creativity

let them learn how to occupy their own time

let them

be kids.

Cherish this summertime

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