Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

Lists, lists, and more lists

While I do my best to stay on top of everything

I keep a wall calendar,

a “purse sized” calendar

and then I make lists sometimes daily/sometimes weekly

lists to do

lists for groceries, I use “buy me a pie” simple easy and if I add something this week it will still pop up as a possibility next week

and post it notes….lots of post it notes

I especially like the 4×6 sized \lined post it notes I put several in my planner for things I think of through out the day that need to be done.

With 3 kids, a dog, a husband, extended family that sometimes needs my help, taking a class,  plus several parttimeish jobs I find  it is the only way to stay on top of the most important stuff.

I also find as I’m getting older my brain does not automatically hold or recall short term stuff as fast….

so the lists are important on multiple fronts

can’t sleep?

(add it to the list to think about for tomorrow and then let it go tonight)

constant interruptions?

Image result for constant interruptions

if it’s on the list you’ll get back to what you were doing faster

what are your priorities?

Spending quality time with kids should trump washing dishes at least once in  a while

Make your list in pencil

and don’t be afraid to rearrange or erase unnecessary things

and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to erase “blog post”

off my list for today

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