Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

What if…

To Stay at home a little longer or go back to work???

It is a question that is difficult to answer for all moms I am sure,


for one with little ones at home

the answer for me was…stay at home and work on weekends playing organ


the children are older

and at school

so the issue is:

When one or more of your children has a chronic illness, should you go back to work?

…the self questioning starts even before the interview is offered…

He’s gonna be sick?

what if she’s sick a lot?

who will pick up the child who calls home sick?

what if I can’t get away?

what if my husband can’t get away?

what if we can’t reach anyone by phone?

what if the every single person we know and trust is out of state???

what if

what if

what if

three kids

three different schools(this year)

new germs

new illnesses

how do working parents do this?????

I know if the job is meant for me

we’ll work it out.

we will address issues as they arise

 but still

having been “stay at home”

for so long

I can’t help but wonder

what if?


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