Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

What does a busy mom do at 6 am???

Fire up the Grill!

A coffee in hand and coals turning red

I’d rather be hitting the snooze from the bed

but turkey burgers and brats need to fry

and its hard to cook burgers when ones on the fly

running between lessons and school

getting it done is not the exception

but the rule!

I prefer #Klement’s brats as there is no MSG in them

and today I did turkey burgers but usually we do hamburgers of good quality otherwise the shrink to slider size.

so meat should last us till I can cook again.

these will be served with baked beans

I love the #bushs brand baked beans

I like to mix two of their varieties

I always use the


and then add either a can of sweet mesquite, brown sugar bourbon, southern pit, or steakhouse recipe

(my personal favorite being the brown sugar bourbon)

 and coleslaw(vinegar style not creamy)

I use equal amounts of vinegar and sugar

a few dashes of onion powder

a tsp of celery seed

a dash of salt

a dash of pepper

and a half amount of vegetable oil.

then…sit back and enjoy!(taste best after marinating a few hours)

the best thing is there is no rushing around when all get home

the food is done and ready

all they have to do is EAT!


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