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What Direction Next?{The Smart Teens’ Guide to Living with Intensity}

my book review all moms and dads for that matter should read this book

Book Reviews

I read a lot!

I mean a lot!

I always have multiple books with bookmarks in

and magazine articles clipped.


My Goal of this Blog

is to post about inspirational books,

books that touch the heart and/or lift the mind or some combination of both.

So sifting through my memory and in trying to decide what’s next I’ve neglected posting about books…unable to make a decision…

until now.

I have a teenager…and in a few years I will have 3 teenagers

so I’ve been reading various books on how to deal with  and live with and love teenagers.

This next book stems from that.

The Smart Teens’ Guide to 

Living With Intensity

How to get more out of Life and Learning

By.Lisa Rivero

So the other day at the Library this book  jumped out at me


I thought my kid should read this


I read it


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