Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

meatless meals

While I wouldn’t mind being a 3/4 vegan

(I do like steak once in a while)

my family…especially the middle child would starve.


So during lent when we have fish on ash Wednesday

and Fridays

we need to be creative

sometimes he has bread pizza….essentially bread slobbered in pizza sauce( he is dairy allergic…so no cheese)

sometimes pasta(completely plain)

occasionally he’ll eat a cucumber or a dill pickle

corn on the cob

and he loves his starches.

but meatless is difficult

so perhaps this Friday we’ll do vegan burgers

meatless meals for veggie haters on web MD has some interesting idea

for my child however the only way to get him to bite is with a load of salt.

good thing he’s still young…hopefully he’ll grow into veggie eating.




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