Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

ma, ma, ma, mooommmmmmmm???whaaaaaaaat?


sorry but these days of freezing cold and indoor recesses are driving me nuts!

I mean what do they do in Alaska where its always below zero??

perhaps our playgrounds should come equipped with igloos!

I love my kids

they are smart, witty lovable kids

mostly all the time


My daughter is especially good at turning out the tears…then if you tell her to look you in the eye …if was a fake cry she’ll start giggling….but at her age….its getting old!

whether its one of her brothers turns to pick out the movie or supper, or which chore she gets for the month….or whatever the tears come a fallin even if she’s made the decisions 3 or 4 times previously

being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love and hate…and LOVE

this post is not redeeming any time but hopefully some of the these clips will make you smile…and probably laugh…and laughing is good for stress 🙂

its amazing the things you’ll find on youtube…gotta show this to my kids:


and for my fellow moms!:


and to end….spouses, kids…appreciate your moms and wives

adios till next time folks


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