Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

to scrapbook or not to scrap book…that is the question


I love looking at other peoples

and I

am creative



its just not my thing…give me a photo album a regular photo album where you

pull out the photo

look at the handwriting on the


and travel


in time

to the time and place you were when the photo was taken

looking through my parents and grandparents albums ….seeing handwriting I recognize and handwriting I don’t

all brings me closer to those loved ones.

pictures taken by grandpa who has been gone awhile now

pictures taken by children whose aim wasn’t the best

but they are now grown up and we can look back and see what they were seeing

Don’t get me wrong…

I do like the online digital photo albums that one can make and put into a hardcover book.

but there’s something only a yellow edged photo, with a handwritten date can give…

So this Shakespeare says….NOT to scrap-booking…

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