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Paper or Digital…..oh the tragedy….yet…oh the convenience

I like books

I like holding them in my hand

I like using post it notes and highlighters

I like books


I like magazines.

I like reading them

I like clipping articles and recipes

but recently I discovered


where through your local library you can download(if you have an account) books fiction, nonfiction, best sellers, old classics

the downfall

you need a decent reading device or computer

you can’t make easily accessible notes you know  there’s the sticky note open up and there’s the highlighted section

you need internet access and relatively good access at least till its downloaded to your computer


then there’s the waiting list….some books have none some books you may be 51 out of 51 with the library owning 4 copies so be prepared to wait.

but….then I discovered ZINIO

if your library has access to it go to your local public libraries website

you can create an account

sign in

and check out

and read magazines….full magazines online

and if you have a snip it type tool you can clip and those phrases and recipes you love !

all from the comfort of your own home

so while I love paper books

and continue to find best sellers at garage sales

thrift stores…etc

I am slowly finding a second love

online reading.

added bonus I can be perusing while doing laundry without wasting gas to get to the library


future post: placing a hold request



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