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3 kids and a dog

My Child is dairy Allergic….NOT LACTOSE INTOLLERANT

So we recently visited the school my son will be at next year…and as most he will have to take home ec.

I mentioned to the teacher that he is ALLERGIC to DAIRY, EGGS, and ALL NUTS!

and she said…

thats ok we’ve dealt with lactose intolerance before


people who say that….just don’t get it

in other words….I will be riding that teacher like no tomorrow and making sure she works with me to keep my child safe and by the end of the semester their will hopefully be no doubt in her mind about the severity of FOOD ALLERGIES!

Seriously there IS a difference

once again folks

Lactose Intolerance 

may give you the runs, make your tummy hurt and generally make you feel sick



Please folks….it gets old it gets redundant but you have to

-advocate for your children

-educate your children

-educate others

and try despite all odds against you to keep your patience



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