Me, A Mom

3 kids and a dog

Whats for supper mom?(asked at breakfast time of course)

@~@(thats me rolling my eyes)

this conversation plays out daily, in my house and I’m thinking many others around the country.

I for one refuse to let food allergies force me into the roll of


So in our house I try to only make foods that are safe for everyone.

That means our lasagna has no cheese(sorry don’t like soy cheese) but we serve cheese on the side for those who want to add it.

My banana nut bread does not have nuts, instead I’ll add unsalted shelled Really Naked 6oz Frontpumpkin seeds or a crunchy cereal.

We don’t have eggs and bacon for breakfast….but we do have bacon with pancakes, or waffles sometimes


We don’t have macaroni salad with miracle whip, we use


veganaise(we like the pesto variety and the roasted garlic varieties as nice alternatives to their plain)

When I make a roux I don’t use butter…I use light olive oil and instead of milk I use chicken stock (heated) to add and make sauce to the consistency I need.

If I do decide to make mac and cheese I’ll make a huge pot of Pasta and remove several servings before adding the cheese sauce.

If food allergies in your family have turned you into a short order cook….you are working too hard!

relax,  cook once, cook for all,free good food wallpaper for mobile


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