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Redeeming the Time:What time?????

What time exactly…I”m so busy.

But recently I’ve been hearing a clip on christian radio that speaks of redeeming the time.

In order to redeem the time we need to sit down and evaluate our lives.

We need to evaluate the choices we make.

We need to evaluate the “necessities” vs the “desires”

and we need to look through all our decisions through the glasses of:

is what I’m doing pushing me closer to or taking me further from God?

I can’t take credit for these ideas…I think its something we all need to consider and if you want more information please check out the following link:

Redeeming the Time

Then as you explore their site

make sure you check out the link on

101 Questions to Sharpen your Focus and Multiply your Effectiveness

Then…decide that from this point forward all your life will be focused on

-making Godly decisions, in regards to your time, talent and treasure.

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2 thoughts on “Redeeming the Time:What time?????

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